Friday, 7 January 2011

Bakso Balungan

One of the specialties of Demak, which is also known as the City Mayor, not only soto buffalo. If a visit to the city of Demak, you should try too typical foods, namely balungan meatballs. Named meatballs balungan (bone) because the meatballs are served not merely just meatballs, minced meat rolls that are gravy. Meatball this one piece dikompliti with bones that are still wrapped in slices of meat. Sometimes there is also cartilage is crunchy to eat.

Enjoyment meatballs meatballs balungan lies not in itself, but a way of enjoying the bits of meat and gnaw on the bone fragments is exciting, so often times make meatball lovers addicted. Each portion of meatballs balungan in the shop, shoppers can find a bowl that contains four balls and three or four pieces of bone. "If you want to add salt, chili or sauces are available.

Some fans the meatballs in the meatball balungan Demak admit to taste good and how to treat the bone was already fit, that is not tough and is crunchy. This is thanks, adjusted bone stew to keep the not too raw or too ripe, so is not easily destroyed.

It was still easy to find because balungan delivered by the seller to the house. Balungan meatball soup business comes from buffalo which is the typical kind of soup in the area of Demak, Kudus, Pati, and surrounding areas. If the buffalo meat is widely used for soup and rawon, the bones used to mix the meatballs.

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